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Something came to mind as I began to write this blog post. Practice makes perfect. That for those who don’t know is a song from Cute is What We Aim For, a blast to my more emo days. It came up as I began making video content, something I am not totally comfortable with yet, but I am working on the goal!

I have realized that I have really gone inside myself to hide since my loss—the loss of my mother. I was always antisocial and an introvert, but I was still going out and doing things. With my loss and COVID-19, I have disconnected from most of the world. I don’t even write here as often as I want because there has been a real feeling of disconnect. As I am learning by giving myself permission to grieve (Shelby Forsythia), this has been…

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This page is basically for everyone and people from all countries can join here. This page uploads something about ghosts and for the purpose of entertaining everyone. So if someone is Scared or frightened by watching such a video here, avoid the page. Because the authorities will not be responsible if the weak-minded people have a problem watching the video here. If anyone has any complaint or problem about any post here, there must be a request to contact the inbox.

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